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August 5, 2011, 8:39 am
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Slice of life of a ten pound note

The door squeaked, she turned, her lover entered, she rose to kiss Tom hello. He looked defeated, Gail expressed concern, he explained. He forgot to grab the ten pound note from the cash machine. “I hope the machine ate it back up again.” he concluded – so had the ten pound note.

As Tom had walked away, a teenager skated past and with no hesitation grabbed the tenner without stopping his zoom. Placing it in the pocket of his baggie, skater trousers, he raced along the high street until he got to the yellow door of his drug dealer. Effortlessly, Jay flipped his skateboard up, under his arm and text to alert Skinny Frank, “I’M OUTSIDE”.

Skinny unlatched the door, Jay walked in, a thick cloud of smoke swirled and puffed around his head. The smell was delicious; the chilled tones of reggae and dubstep chugged out of the speakers. Trading the goods and the cash, Frank laid the tenner on top of a pile of notes and chilled with his friend on beanbags, playing on his XBOX.

Hunger pangs followed, Jay left, Frank grabbed the money, ran out to the corner shop. The shopkeeper exchanged the note for the grub, pinned it in his till and carried on stacking. Next morning the shopkeeper paid paperboy, George. Smiling at his very first wage, he held it tight all the way home.

Putting it on the kitchen table, he stared at it in awe till he needed the loo. His mother mistook it for her own and drove off to market. For a big bag of potatoes, she handed it over to a stall minder but a strong gust of wind snatched it from her pinch.

Fluttering high above their heads, the ten pound note raced far from the woman, until caught safely in a tree. There the ten pound note rested, at dusk a magpie nipped it , soared high above the streets, and released the note into a park.

Strolling just twenty paces behind it, Gail and Tom followed the path, hand in hand. Spotting the tenner, a plump girl pushed through them, plodding up to her prize. “Look Mom,” she said in a shrill, American accent, standing in the middle of the path “Look what I found!”

© Vicky Bigmore 2011


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Almost as if the note has a mind of its own. Nice.

Comment by ~Tim

It was like the note knew not to sit back and rest in the hands of each of the people who possess it for just a short while.

Nice story!

Comment by Helen

The one I feel most sorry for is actually George. Poor kid just lost his first wage!

Comment by Icy Sedgwick

I love the circular nature of this story. The note found its way home!

Comment by ganymeder

That was a fun ride!

Comment by Chuck Allen

A story that can’t wait to proceed. Child-like energy that tumbles over its own actions, in tribute to its main character and commander.

Comment by John Wiswell

A very grand adventure for a 10 pound note! Reminded me of the lottery ticket scene from My Name is Earl.

And I liked how the POV switched smoothly every paragraph or two. Not an easy thing to do!

Comment by Craig Smith

What a fun advanture for the note! And it ends up in the right place after all. LOL But poor George – he lost his very first pay.

Comment by Sonia Lal

A smooth tale of a bank note. Lovely shift into the different points of view.
Adam B @revhappiness

Comment by adampb

Nice 🙂

Comment by Clive Martyn

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