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Déjà vu
June 8, 2011, 8:45 pm
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Guided only by the erratic lightning, he came out of the woods onto a sleeping suburban avenue. He raced past one quaint, detached house after another, ignoring the mixture of rain and sweat that drenched him. In the near distance, Billy could hear the relentless barks of the dogs and their masters’ shouts to each other.

With no time to think of what he left behind or time to feel the scratches and scrapes on his body, he had run for what felt like an eternity.  Struggling to breathe, he took shelter under an apple tree in one of the front gardens. Lights were starting to come on in houses and he knew he needed somewhere to hide.

An old, unkempt house blanketed in winding ivy and meandering vines stood before him. No light came from there. As he approached the front door, he scanned the rest of the house, looking for signs of life through the window. A flash of lightning exposed a young woman standing inside the window.

Although the initial split second made him jump, the loving smile and tender eyes she possessed, gave him a warm sense of comfort in the after-moment. Another flicker of lightning found Billy inside the dwelling. Obscured by darkness, he followed the ticking of the grandfather clock down the hallway. He stopped, hearing creaks coming from upstairs.

An orange glow expanded on the wall at the top of the stairs and then two figures began to creep down them. The old lady’s face glimmered from the candle she held.  With her other hand she gripped tightly to her grandson, both descending to the ground floor, oblivious of his presence. Slightly panicked Billy froze. From the corner of his eye, he saw the shine of the white dress and turned to see the woman from the window urgently gesturing him towards her.

The woman disappeared as the grandma and the child reached the bottom of the stairs. The boy looked up to see Billy in the corridor. Screams came from the wide-eyed innocent and he grasped hold of his grandmother’s leg, clamping his eyes shut.

Swiftly, Billy went after the woman in white, his only hope. Another bolt of light showed a solid, red door in front of him with twin iron pull handles. The open-mouthed ornamental dragon heads protruding from the top of them seemed to twist and squirm with writhing snake tongues in the uncertainty of the shadows.

Pins and needles took over his body as he went to grab them. The tongues morphed into dark green vines and wound themselves around his body, slithering around his neck. He tried to shout out, tried to wail but nothing came out of his mouth. Fighting for freedom, Billy wriggled and stamped but the handles just kept pulling him in until he turned into smoke and dissipated into the ether.

Instantaneously, the storm was over and there was calm again. The old lady consoled the frightened boy who sobbed into her bosom. “It’s ok, Ash,” she said, stroking the back of his head, “just echoes of time.”

© Vicky Bigmore 2011


Big Up to Icy Sedgewick for inspiring this story with her photo promt 35: Door Handles (photo above). All photo prompts are her own photography – you can find more of it on Flickr. You can also buy Icy’s prints from Deviantart. 20% of all proceeds go to charity – the other 80% go towards her PhD fees!


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now that is very clever writing – excellent

Comment by Glen

Intriguing piece of writing – billy was a echo of the past along with the woman in white, it reminds me a little of the film “The Others.” Where the ghost carried on along side the living.

Nicely done!

Comment by Helen

That was really cool. With him finding himself inside the house when the ligtning flashed I thought something had to be different with the situation. In the end, it most certainly was.

Good writing, fun read.

Comment by AJ

Aw really enjoyed this piece – fantastic descriptions! Glad my photo could help. 🙂

Comment by Icy Sedgwick

I liked the intrigue of the woman who seemed to be helping him. Great job with the photo prompt!

Comment by Chuck Allen

Like Chuck said, the word here is “intrigue.” Good job building on the surreality.

Comment by John Wiswell

Fantastic descriptions! Good take the photo prompt; I wouldn’t have thought of it.

Comment by Sonia Lal

That was proper creepy and surreal. I’m intrigued. A well crafted story.
Thanks also for dropping by my story and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.
Adam B @revhappiness

Comment by adampb

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