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Indulge yourself
April 7, 2011, 8:59 am
Filed under: Love, Mental Well Being

Recently, I was surfing on Amazon and looking at reviews of Eat, Pray, Love. All of the negative comments and views made a recurring judgement: Elizabeth Gilbert was too self-indulgent in her writing. Perplexed, I spent the next few days thinking about this. Personally, I’d really enjoyed reading about her journey. And, also, know I’m guilty of talking about myself a lot. My main questions were: what’s so bad about being self-indulgent?

It’s something we all know a lot about. For really, who is more important than I? Without taking care of I, how can we help others. In the context of Elizabeth Gilbert’s life, she was at a point where she needed to focus on herself. And her writing has inspired many people I know, including myself, to be pro-active in progressing as a person rather than just naval-gazing.

Of course, we all know, there are times when talking about yourself is highly inappropriate. If someone tells you they’re dying and you disregard the moment to tell them about how you saw Kevin Bacon on Oxford Street, you should know you’re an a%$#hole. But don’t you think that it’s more often the case that the subtext from that person is, “I want to relate to you” and “I know what you’re going through, I’ve been through it too.”

I would love to know anyone’s views on this. Love to find some clarity on the matter.  Should we really be ashamed of indulging in ourselves?


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