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Back to basics for staying warm

With gas and electric bills rumoured to go up £500 a year, you’re going to want to cut down on turning on the heating, using loads of hot water and spending hours on roasts. So here are my top tips for staying warm this winter without turning the heating on:

  • Hot Water Bottle – you can get them from Primark for £3. They are great for extra warmth in bed or on the sofa while you watch a film; when your ill or just want to get cosy with a glass of red wine.
  • Slippers – can also get from Primark for about £4. Keeping your feet warm is so important – it just makes sense.
  • Thick Warm Blanket – one word: snug
  • Cuppa Tea (use from the same kettle water as the bottle to save on energy) – if you want to feel even better make it a herbal one.

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Absolutely agree!
Stick to all the tips especially slippers made of leather and natural sheep’s wool available at value prices on slippers4you.com
keep warm during those cold days.

Comment by Mac

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