Henrietta Maddox Webloner

A good look in the mirror

Who says that taking a good look in the mirror means you have to scrutinize and criticize?

A study in Germany of over 7,000 adolescents found that ‘feeling fat’ had a greater effect on quality of life than actual weight. So basically it’s all about a confident state of mind. Isn’t that what that book ‘The Secret’ is about?

Having high self esteem seems to be the most important thing for overall well being. Another recent study found that positive thinkers live longer. You may think that sounds like rubbish but it does make sense: a light, positive energy is bound to make you happier. And we all know, when you are happy anything seems possible.

But trying to alter the view of yourself is really not that easy. Perhaps you need to constantly remind yourself. Like putting post-it’s in your room saying things like, “I am beautiful” or “I am thin”. Or maybe you could get hypnotised.


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