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September 11, 2008, 1:55 pm
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Hand on heart – do you trust the media? I am not so naive that I believe in all their judgements of newsworthiness. But as a writer/journalist, I would like to think that newspapers are offering me a wide scope of news. After all, papers like The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Times and The Telegraph have been around long enough to know their craft. But, no – they’re rubbish.

Whilst on holiday the only two television channels we received was BBC World News and Sky News. Between them we had quality, ample information on many world issues including the hurricanes in America, Haiti and Cuba; the quake in China; the floods in India; and the presidential race to power in America.

When in Rome, I managed to pick up The Daily Mail. Yes, I know it is completely right wing and often associated with fascism but it has a fabulous puzzle page and it was a choice between that and the Daily Mirror.

Anyway, the front page was a story on Alistair Darling’s announcement that the credit crunch had brought our economy to the lowest point in 60 years. Whatever. The second page was about Tesco’s bad use of grammar. To you see what I am saying here? Extreme weather conditions all over the world causes mass destruction. Meanwhile we are spoon fed info on a supermarket changing its ’10 items or less’ sign to ’10 items’.

Sometimes, I wish we would get visited by aliens of a similar level (or higher) of intelligence. I think it would help unite the world. Maybe we would realise how connected we all are. And help us see that in the grand scheme of the universe, we are family.


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