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To soy or not to soy
August 23, 2008, 9:17 am
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You know, if there’s one thing I hate about life, it’s making uneasy choices. I can imagine there are some of you out there that enjoy taking the risks and, admittedly, sometimes I like to be spontaneous too. But when it comes to my health and the future of my body, I become quite anxious.

As some of you may know, over the last few months I have given up dairy. This means anything made from cow’s milk but I can still do the goat’s cheese and the buffalo mozzarella (thank god).

So I have been sitting happily with my soy milk coffee’s and now I’ve found out that soy milk might be detrimental to your health. If you did a bit of research, you would find sites called things like Soy and accelerated brain aging and Concerns regarding Soybeans.

If you look at some of these sites, you will find a lot of reasons to eat the food in moderation. You need to wary of your intake. They have many harmful substances that can cause problems with the stomach and according to animal testing, serious problems with the pancreas.

There are alternatives like rice milk and oat milk. I have not tried rice milk but oat milk is more like milk than soy. It doesn’t have such a tangy flavour – I highly recommend it for cereal. But as non-dairy users among you will know, it is hard enough to get soy milk at coffee houses and restaurants. What will we do now? Have an orange juice, I guess.

Of course, next thing you’ll know one of these will be in the paper. At some point rice and oat milk will be your enemy and newspapers will warn you against them. I bet you.

Tomorrow, I venture to Italy, land of dairy – pizza, cheesy pastas, fresh fruity ice creams, cannelloni. My housemate has suggested they may kick me out when I say, Non posso mangiare latticini…..he he.

Got soy?

Got soy?


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Love – soy milk in coffee is gross…aussies are big on soy infact the other day I was in a supermarket and they had 20 varieties…i take it organic…mmm in chai and porridge only. Oat milk is yummy…but health food coffee shops only sell it.

Like with everything too much is bad…so its moderation all the way…love goats cheese….oh my days…mmmm 🙂 xxx

Comment by Hannah

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